First you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives who will be your contact person. Our representative will tour your home with you, noting the estimated weight of your goods and any unusual requirements. Be prepared for this visit by listing items that require special attention or services you want such as transferring pool tables, pianos, antiques or valuables. We will list all details and include them in the contract. The representative will arrange the pickup, delivery and storage dates. We encourage you to ask questions.

Next, you will meet our packers. Walk them through your home to orient them to the rooms and your belongings that require special care. Also, point out the goods that are not to be packed. Before the packers leave, the supervisor will give you forms that itemize each carton. You will need to sign them and give them to the driver.

On moving [out] day your household goods will be organized and loaded onto the truck. All your belongings will be detailed on the packing forms and damaged or marked areas on the furniture will be noted.

After your goods are completely loaded, you will need to review all paperwork. We use codes to denote types of marks or damage, and the key to these codes will be on the form. Make sure you agree with their assessment because these codes are used to dispute claims you may file upon delivery. A slight chip will not be marked as “broken.”

On moving day, know your time of delivery and be there promptly. Have a moving checklist handy and designate someone to examine the furniture and check off the goods on the form as the movers come through the door. This effort will assure that you have all your household goods.

If you have an extra person, he or she can begin unpacking boxes the movers will be willing to remove the cartons. We suggest that you begin by unpacking the larger boxes, such as clothing boxes that will go quickly, and items that belong in kitchen cabinets. It will help to get the larger boxes removed, and it will be very convenient to have your kitchen in operating condition as soon as possible.

Any good move is a cooperative effort between you and the mover. Our movers will begin your moving day by making introductions. It is a good idea that you take the time to show them around your home, pointing out special requests. Any special instructions should be well-marked and mentioned to the movers.

Ask the sales representative in advance about what the movers will expect. They will accept beverages (especially lots of cold water) and the chance to clean up, so have soap, paper towels and cold drinks on hand. Let them know where to find these necessities so they can help themselves to everything. If you have any unusual problems on moving day, speak to the driver, who is usually the person in charge at the site. Our company sales representative will be available if needed. You are a customer and this is your home with your personal property, you should expect and will receive professional courtesy.


Before you sign our agreement, you’ll receive an accurate and dependable cost estimate. One type of contract assures that the price quoted for your move is firm for the agreed upon services so there are no unexpected charges at the completion of the move. This estimate will be in writing, and a copy will be attached to the bill of lading. You will not be charged more unless you have added items or services in addition to your estimate. Another type of estimate is non-binding — you will not know the final charges until our movers establish actual weights and transportation charges. Rest assured that our rates are unbeatable.


After you have selected a moving date, our representative will prepare a contract for you. Before you sign the contract, we will be sure everything that you have orally agreed upon is typed into the fine print. The contract will list all the charges and terms. To help your representative give you a proper cost estimate, he or she needs to know everything that will be involved in your move. We will need a complete list of what will be transported, special furniture requirements or extras that will be moved (i.e., an automobile). In addition, we need the accessibility details about both your old and new homes. For example, we should be aware if there are three levels of steps at one of the residences, if one of the driveways is especially steep or whether there are any other particulars that will hamper or detain the moving process.

Local Move

Gentlemen’s Moving is a proof that you can get an excellent, professional services at really affordable price. If you are moving across town, across the street, or within the same building our friendly, courteous movers will take good care of your treasured belongings. We will make every effort to ensure your needs are met and see to it that you are completely satisfied. Local moves are charged on an hourly basis. Our services include moving pads, wardrobe boxes, and basic insurance coverage. Additionally, we provide special handling to protect antiques and pianos.

Our superior service begins when our trained representative arrives to help you plan your move. We provide an accurate estimate and detailed information as to services provided. Regardless of the distance involved your goods will be protected by specially designed cartons and packing materials before being moved by our highly trained personnel. Our staff pays attention to every detail of your local move to ensure the best results. We will assist you in making your relocation successful utilizing years of specialized moving techniques. We provide quality service to our customers by taking complete responsibility throughout the relocation, beginning with our professional sales representatives and customer service representatives.



2 Weeks before Moving Day

Finalize arrangements with moving company. If your moving company is packing your belongings, arrange for packing to be done 1-2 days before the actual moving day.

4 Days before Moving Day

Stop watering your plants to avoid spillage during the move.
Confirm date and time of your move with moving company.

1 Day before Moving Day

Take down curtains and curtain rods.
Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator. Make sure it has at least 24 hours to air dry.
Clean and air your stove.
Have moving company pack your belongings (or finish packing if you do your own packing).
Plan your breakfast. Paper plates are fine. Eating something on the road is better.
Pack your personal belongings except your alarm clock.
Go to bed early to be ready for an early start on moving day.
Pack a special box with other essentials you will need for the first few days (Make sure to mark this box “DO NOT MOVE”).

Moving day

Collect all keys to locking items. Put them in a safe place.
Walk around with the crew chief.
Keep your signed bill of lading in an easily accessible place.
Make sure the driver has the correct delivery address and phone and cellular numbers.
Before the moving crew leaves from your old location, take a final look through your old location to make certain nothing has been left behind. Check all closets and cabinets.

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